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97-01 Honda Prelude LED Gauge Cluster
Base Model (MT/AT) and SH

Alter the mood and presence of your Honda Prelude with a new LED Gauge Cluster. Similar to our ColorSHIFT Gauge System, we remove the existing lighting system and install a new LED lighting system. We also chemical wash the back of the gauge faces to remove the stock amber tint color. The end result is a very evenly and well lit gauge cluster.

Due to the complexity of this product, an unmodified OEM 97-01 Honda Prelude gauge cluster must be sent  to our facility for servicing and installation of our LED lighting system. Once we receive the gauge cluster, we complete the service and ship the gauge cluster back out within 2-4 business days for minimal downtime.

Color Options: Blue, Red, White, Green, Aqua, Violet, and Yellow

Optional Features

- Silver Gauge Bezels


Starting at $120

Color Options:

- Blue

- Red

- White

- Green

- Aqua

- Violet

- Yellow

To place an order,

email us at Info@TeckoMES.com.